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When sharing your home with furry friends, keeping carpets free of pet-related stains, odors and debris can feel never-ending. While weekly vacuuming helps, pets can quickly undo your cleaning efforts with accidents, tracked-in mud, and shedding hair. To better maintain carpets alongside pets, incorporate these proven methods.

Train Pets

Reinforce behaviors like requesting to go out or go to litter boxes consistently, especially while pets are young. Reward them often for proper potty etiquette to prevent indoor accidents. Practice mud wiping and paw cleaning routines every time they come inside to limit what gets ground into carpeting. Establish regular brushing habits as well to control shedding levels proactively.

Contain Messes

Feed pets in one designated area on easy-to-clean flooring like tile or linoleum instead of carpeting. Place water bowls, food mats and puppy pads strategically on non-fabric surfaces too for better containment also. Keep pets restricted from carpeted rooms when unattended until fully housebroken as well. Closely monitor young, senior, or sick pets prone to accidents indoors.

Act Quickly

Immediately blot wet messes with absorbent cloths, working inward from the edges so staining doesn’t spread further across fibers. Mix a carpet cleaner solution of one part clear dish soap and one part hydrogen peroxide to pre-treat affected areas next. Apply a thick layer, allow to bubble for several minutes and blot again before rinsing thoroughly. Doing so when accidents are fresh prevents odors and stains from setting over time.


Even after cleaning pet stains, lingering odors may remain trapped below carpet surfaces. Generously sprinkle baking soda over any problem sections to neutralize residual smells for freshening between steam cleanings. Let baking soda sit for about an hour before thoroughly vacuuming up. Repeat applications weekly or as needed in high traffic pet areas. The baking soda absorbs and counteracts unpleasant carpet odors naturally over time with consistent use.

Groom Regularly

Brush pets thoroughly at least once per week to limit how much excess hair sheds onto carpets constantly. Bathing them regularly also decreases dander and oils transferring from their coats too. Pay extra attention to long haired breeds or those undergoing heavier seasonal shedding periods. Capture what undercoat you can before it scatters all over your floors.

Clean Paw Pads

Prevent muddy paws from doing damage by keeping paws cleaner. Gently wipe with pet wipes or damp towels and allow it to fully dry upon returning each time indoors. Trim longer fur between paw pads proactively too. Consider applying protective dog booties in especially sloppy, wet weather or when groundskeeping projects stir up outdoor dirt.

Deep Clean Seasonally

Schedule professional deep carpet cleanings at least twice per year to revitalize fibers down below carpet surfaces. Truck mounted steam cleaning equipment paired with pet-specific treatments remove ground-in debris, dander, urine salts and residues other home methods can’t touch. Thorough cleaning also protects carpet investments against premature wearing from all the pet activity. Preventative cleaning is much easier than trying to revive overly soiled and matted carpeting later.

Final Words

Putting diligent effort into controlling pet messes, containing their access, cleaning paws and regular grooming makes maintaining clean carpets far more achievable in pet-filled homes. Enlist help from professional carpet care experts to tackle deeper cleaning needs for long-term results.

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