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You spend a considerable amount of money to buy new carpets. As a result, you expect to protect them for many years to come. However, keeping your carpets in good shape and condition for long can be quite challenging. They receive foot traffic and attract all sorts of grime on a daily basis. That’s why you should follow the correct measures to extend the life of your carpets. Here are 7 tips that can help you with it.

Vacuum your carpets regularly

You need to make it a habit to vacuum your carpets regularly. The ideal frequency for vacuuming them would vary based on the amount of foot traffic they receive. But you should vacuum them at least once a week to remove dust, dirt, and debris. Make sure to move the vacuum cleaner methodically and slowly over the carpet as you vacuum. This will help you to ensure the protection of fibers as you vacuum.

Remove the stains immediately

You can’t avoid accidental spills and stains. But if that happens, you should attend to cleaning as soon as possible. This is where you should blot the stain with water and use an appropriate carpet cleaner. Make sure to follow the manufacturer guidelines to learn the correct method of stain removal. Or else, you can immediately call an expert.

Use doormats

Your carpets will age fast if they receive a lot of foot traffic. That’s why you should place doormats and reduce the amount of foot traffic they receive. Then the doormats will be able to capture dust, dirt, and moisture from shoes. As a result, you can maintain the good looks of your carpets and prolong their appearance.

Don’t expose the carpets to sunlight

UV exposure from sunlight can damage your carpet fibers. This is why you should refrain from exposing the carpets to sunlight as much as possible. During peak hours, you may use curtains or blinds and block sunlight. However, there are few innovative products available for you to minimize UV damage on carpets as well. Specialized coatings and protective films are to name a few. You can search for the best options available and stick to the right method.

Rotate your furniture

Foot traffic has a direct impact on the rapid wear and tear of your carpets. This is why you should carefully observe foot traffic and place furniture accordingly. Along with that, you should also start rotating furniture regularly. This will help you to distribute foot traffic evenly across your carpet fibers. Moreover, you can also reduce the damage that weight of your furniture can create on carpets. By doing this, you will be able to keep the carpets looking vibrant and fresh.

Final Words

Now you know how to protect your carpets. No matter what type of carpets you have, you should follow these tips and protect your investment. It is better if you can buy the best quality carpets available and follow these tips. Then you can easily maintain the good looks of your interiors at all times.

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